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The Medical Journal of Babylon Trust is the sole owner of Medical Journal of Babylon Publications Affiliated to University of Babylon, (hereinafter called the Publisher), which exists to publish MJB Papers. Medical Journal of Babylon Publications Editor in Chief owns the copyright to all papers published in MJB, unless otherwise noted in individual articles.
Medical Journal of Babylon Publications warrants that it has the authority to make available Medical Journal of Babylon and that it has secured all rights and permissions necessary to enable authorised users to utilise such materials in compliance with this licence.

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Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and upon payment of the annual subscription fee, Medical Journal of Babylon Publications Editor in Chief grants to the Institution/personal subscriber a one-year, non-transferable licence for access to all materials included in the online version of Medical Journal of Babylon (hereinafter called the Journal).

Terms of access

This licence will cover access, during the calendar year for which a Premium subscription has been paid, to the full database of the Journal, including: tables of contents, abstracts, full text and graphics of all articles, including multi-media adjuncts where appropriate.

Access to the current year and to the electronic archive of the Journal shall be controlled through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for institutional subscribers and usernames and passwords for personal subscribers. Institutional subscribers are responsible for ensuring that the Publisher has been supplied with a valid IP address (a registration form is provided for this purpose). Valid IP addresses cannot include publicly accessible proxy or cache servers.

This will permit an authorised user from an authorised IP address to have access to the current year of the Journal.Institutional subscribers should notify the Publisher within 30 days of any changes in registration data or IP addresses.

Editors Calls

Editor in Chief Dr. Mufeed J Ewadh

Computting Dr. Abud AlSamee AlTaee