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Submission of a manuscript to a Medical Journal of Babylon implies that readily reproducible materials described in the manuscript, including all relevant raw data, will be freely available to any scientist wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes. Well established and widely supported databases exist for certain types of data such as nucleic acid sequences, protein sequences, and atomic coordinates; information on which can be found below and in journal instructions for authors and 'about' pages. An increasing number of research funding agencies also now support data sharing in the life sciences.

Medical Journal of Babylon now additionally encourage or require authors, as a condition of publication, to include in some article types a section that provides a permanent link to the data supporting the results reported in the article. This section is called 'Availability of supporting data' and is only included in an article if supporting data are available in an open access repository or included in the additional files published with the article. The aim is to provide links in a consistent place within an article to supporting data - regardless of the location or format of the data - and to make it clear to readers when they can also access the data as well as the article.

The following format for the 'Availability of supporting data' section is required when data are available in an open access repository:

"The data set(s) supporting the results of this article is(are) available in the [repository name] repository, [unique persistent identifier and hyperlink to dataset(s) in http:// format]."

The following format is required when data are included as additional files:

"The data set(s) supporting the results of this article is(are) included within the article (and its additional file(s))"

We also recommend that the data set(s) be cited, where appropriate in the manuscript, and included in the reference list.

The Designer understands that it is not always possible or appropriate to openly share data, in some fields, so the 'Availability of supporting data' section is not required, or encouraged, in all journals; please see the journal's information for authors for specific manuscript formatting requirements. We recognize that the decision to mandate data deposition as a condition of publication is a decision best made by the scientific community a journal serves. The 'Availability of supporting data' section is a tool for editors, authors and scientific communities to, at the appropriate time, put data deposition policies into practice.

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